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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Outta My League" - Andrew Ash

"Outta My League" by Andrew Ash is a catchy disco pop song that draws inspiration from the 80s. The lyrics reflect on Andrew approaching someone that he perceived to be out of his league. However, the song goes on to show that Andrew took a chance and engaged with this person, resulting in an adorable exchange where there was mutual affection! By taking a leap of faith and believing in himself, Andrew's confidence was elevated, which we see him being thankful for. The encounter between the two individuals was both unexpected and surreal for Andrew, which he describes as a magical moment. His willingness to take a chance on love has led to him and his significant other being in a state of euphoria.

There was an individual whom Andrew found attractive, perceiving them as someone who was probably popular and out of his league. At first, Andrew lacked the confidence to approach them, but they ended up meeting anyway and he felt a reciprocated energy and connection, causing him to do a double-take. Andrew was taken aback and felt as if he was experiencing a magical moment. He expressed his disbelief and admiration by singing, “It felt a lot like magic. How did this happen?” As well as, “Damn you're so stunning. Are you just a fantasy?” The message of the song is to inspire and encourage listeners to embrace confidence and take a leap of faith when pursuing love. Initiating a conversation or making the first move with someone that you find attractive can be scary and nerve-wracking, especially if you feel like they wouldn’t even bat an eye at you if you walked up to them. However, the song urges listeners to follow Andrew’s example, as he took a chance and experienced a positive outcome! To discover the possibilities of love for you, you must believe in yourself and go for it without a second thought. Rather than avoiding it, take the opportunity, as it may not present itself again! Fun fact, his personality was a 10/10 as well! Andrew reveals this to us by sharing, “You’re so much more than a face and a body. Well rounded inside and out.” He also expresses how extremely happy he is to have a positive outcome with someone he could’ve missed an opportunity on by positively bragging about it by singing, “Please forgive me for staring, this isn’t usually me. You’re just a miracle, it's hard to believe. I can’t stop thinking about it baby, I thought that you were outta my league. Look at me. I got somebody outta my league! Ain't ashamed about it. Want the whole world to see!" You can also catch a lovely electric guitar solo after he repeatedly mentions this verse. He does this to flaunt how proud he is of himself for taking a leap of faith into love, having a positive outcome, and scoring a cutie, just as he should! He won!

Andrew Ash is a pop singer and songwriter from Portland, Oregon. A cute fact about this song is that it's based on a true story from 2005! At the time, Andrew was dating somebody who he felt was out of his league. He jotted down his feelings into a journal, which then turned into song lyrics, and now this pop jam! Years later in 2019, he re-discovered the journal and all of the memories and emotions from the year had returned back to him. This song was released today, so make sure to check it out on streaming platforms! And be sure to follow Andrew Ash’s musical journey by clicking on the links below!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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