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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Over The Moon" - Lily Meola

Lily Meola’s latest release “Over The Moon” is a recovering breakup song.  Artistic, slow, and depressive but with an ultimately positive ending the piece covers the process of getting over someone after being over the moon in love.  It begins by telling their love story, creating this encapsulating atmosphere so the listener’s heart breaks with hers.  Even she can’t give a solid answer on why the romance ended, questioning the potential different reasons repetitively.  But the way she does so is not aggressive or accusatory, rather she asks why it ended meekly and with understanding.  She even begins to place blame onto herself, but no matter the reason she eventually sets her sights on getting over it instead of into it again for an answer.

The song begins with an independent piano playing classically and slowly, a memorable rhythm that will remain in the background throughout the piece.  As Meola begins describing the height of the relationship, she paces herself and sounds already as if she’s grieving it.  After she gives an example of the first signs of something wrong, the pace and passion with which she tells the story increases.  As she likely did in the relationship, she first begins asking her begging questions here.  When the chorus begins, Lily’s absolute skill as a vocalist is shown off.  Her range and the strength of her voice is striking and makes the song the anthem it is.  The piece ends with that beautiful voice singing its title “Over The Moon”.

Lily Meola grew up in Maui, Hawaii where she first found her interest in music.  Listening to the radio with her mother blossomed her original love for it, the inspiration striking her so quickly that by eleven years old she was performing.  She would sing at cafes and local bars and became known in the area.  Following this, she was mentored by her producer Bob Rock and began touring across the states.  One of her early tours being with Willie Nelson, which would lead to her eventually being featured on his album “To All The Girls”.  She built her career touring and creating with big names in music and now, she’s becoming one of them herself.  Her 1.9 million listeners tune in for her original sound, lyrical and emotive.  “Over The Moon” is a prime example of this. 

Written By Hailey Schap



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