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  • Miles Tutor

Review: "over you" - ear candy

"Never felt this shaken, cause' my heart got taken." is the feeling that we get when we have gotten to a dead end with someone we loved AND it just doesn't feel compatible anymore. On ear candy's new hot single "over you," stepping into the aftermath phase of a crumbling relationship can become a two-faced experience: with the happy thinking yet the regret and sadness that comes from the trials and tribulations of love. This song is super conscious-heavy yet energy-inducing.

The energy of this song makes you want to float away on a cloud! Untouchable from getting heart-broken again! The mixing on this song is so clean and the instrumentation is so organized yet multi-dimensional with the trigger-happy tempo of the drums in the chorus and the crisp guitar riffs really helping to progress the sonics of the song as it gets into the bridge. Jamie's high-pitched vocals really blends well into the happy-go-lucky attitude of the song as well as the fuzzy vocals he utilizes in various parts of the song to represent the sad side of being over who you loved.

Jamie Jordan is a music monster who produces, writes AND does the vocals for all of his songs. Jamie has invested countless hours into making indie-pop and alternative-pop songs that pack a punch and also bring in an introspective message at the same time. However, he is only getting started as he begins his journey as a solo artist and is planning on making major moves including touring AND releasing more music under "ear candy." This guy is awesome! Go give him a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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