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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Own Way Home" - Riya Gadher

Growing up and finding out who we are, what we want to do, and where we want to be isn't the easiest task; and when you have someone over your shoulder, trying to make you into someone that you're not, makes that task even harder. Sometimes it's best to face this journey of self-discovery alone without someone whispering their opinions in your ear. Yes, it's scary and yes, you will face some difficult decisions. You may even make a wrong decision, but everything in life is a learning experience. "Own Way Home" by Riya Gadher reminds us that sometimes, being alone is a good thing. No one knows you better than yourself. Only you know what you truly want, and only you can get yourself there. There is an end to the road eventually, and once you're there, you will find peace and happiness. There's no better feeling than being content with who you are and where you've ended up in your life.

"Own Way Home" is a soft, minimalistic pop song that puts the focus on meaning and emotion. Riya refers to finding out her purpose in life as "home" as she walks many different roads and paths all alone in hopes she will end up where she's meant to be. The song was recorded at Metropolis, one of the United Kingdoms top recording studios. Written, performed and produced by Riya herself (as well as mixed and mastered by Liam Nolan, known for his work on Hello by Adele), the instrumentation consists of a soft mixture of beats and piano while Riya's beautifully delicate voice takes the forefront. Riya wrote "Own Way Home" while dealing with her own personal struggles of being 20 years old with an old soul; but instead of writing a sad song, she used her sense of faith and optimism to create a positive, uplifting and relatable track.

Riya Gadher is an independent singer, songwriter and producer from Leicester, United Kingdom who is now based in London. She has a songwriting and performance degree from attending university, and has been building herself up to officially begin her career as an artist for the past five years. Although she released her debut single "Indian Ocean" in 2020, she see's 2023 as the year she fully launched her music career with the single release "You Take Up My Songs" from earlier this year (which we also review right here), and now her latest release, "Own Way Home". This is just the beginning for Riya and she has a lot of plans in the works! Make sure to follow below to keep track of what comes next for Riya.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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