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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Paradise" - Frankie Orella

Frankie Orella’s, “Paradise” is a pop song that touches on the negative thoughts that anxiety fools you into believing are true, and allowing it to prohibit living your best life, growing as a person, and creating memories. According to Frankie, she had the “tendency to let anxiety ruin the good moments in life”, and in this song, she reflects on her wants and needs for her career and personal life, but how she felt defeated from the anxious thoughts that were stopping her from putting in action towards receiving them. Sometimes, anxiety can be a feeling of doubt, fear, worry or stress that instills negative thoughts in your mind that trick you into believing you’ll fail at something you want to do. It results in you believing these thoughts, which in return lead you to feeling comfortable with where you’re currently at. It prohibits you from making progress towards the good things you want in life, just like Frankie said. Although these thoughts are not true, it does cause you to feel scared that you might fail in trying something new. It leads you into being stuck, which then has you missing out on the paradise life you desire. With “Paradise”, Frankie uses her voice to free herself from these emotions and thoughts into a song that many people can relate to.

Frankie jumps into describing how anxiety makes her feel by using the words “scared” and “paralyzed.” Scared is used to describe how she thinks she's going to fail when trying to get the things she wants in life. In return, she now has gotten tricked and used to being comfortable with not going after her plans and not making progress, hence being paralyzed. In the singer's mind, she believes that if she doesn’t make an attempt to go after certain things that could bring her paradise, it's a guarantee that nothing will go wrong and that she won't have to worry about her efforts possibly failing. In the intro where this is described, her voice is low and the beat is slow. This is her showing the sad mood she's in when experiencing these thoughts and emotions. In the chorus, she states “I want more” multiple times. By feeling stuck, you feel like you can't or shouldn’t even try to go after the things you want. She wants to do more, and she wants things to come her way, but it’s not happening because of this fear of failing and her dreams falling through. She shares that she wants true friends, happiness, and wanting more things that would feel like she’s done enough in her life. With a faster beat, high notes and a projected voice, Frankie is telling herself and the listeners what her goal is. She just wants more. She needs this anxious and fearful feeling to go away in order to get that paradise life that consists of her dreams coming to life and being happy because of that. She just wants to thrive, and she deserves to. She deserves a life of positive thoughts, and a life where she blossoms and flourishes in both her professional and personal life.

Frankie Orella is an alternative pop artist from Nashville, Tennessee. Paradise is 1 of 6 songs from her newest EP titled, “Sad in Paradise”. This album was released just a week ago on January 12th. In an Instagram post about the release, she states that she used this piece of art as a way to let out the negative emotions that she's been feeling and using her voice as a way to “express a lot of what I’ve held onto for years.” She continues, stating that by being able to let go of these hidden emotions that have affected her from creating memories and growing as both an individual and artist, she now feels healed and free. According to her Spotify, Frankie has over 16,000 monthly listeners with her most popular song being, “Come Home”, with over 25,000 plays. Make sure to check out Frankie’s new incredible album, which also includes a piano version of Paradise!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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