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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Passenger Princess" - Francisco Martin

Have you ever had such strong feelings for someone that in your eyes, they were royalty? Their presence literally brightens up the room and they shine brighter than anyone. They not only are the most beautiful person you've ever seen, but their personality is sweet and they act in such grace, it's impossible not to fall for them. This person is an expensive jewel that needs protected, and you want to be the one to protect them. They deserve the world and the best kind of treatment there is - the royal treatment. "Passenger Princess" by Francisco Martin is a love song that is about catching feelings for someone that is a rare gem like this, and spoiling them to your hearts content. The title is a nod to the internet meme and Urban Dictionary term 'Passenger Princess' that defines as someone who uses someone else for rides.

Have you ever driven around with the windows down in the Summertime, blasting music to the point you can feel the vibration of the bass and letting your hair fly in the wind as you scream along with the words? "Passenger Princess" is the perfect upbeat and feel-good song for this type of scenario. The soundscape is dreamy, yet energetic at the same time. It has a nostalgic groove, like a 70s funk flow with Francisco's own unique and trendy modern pop twist on it. One of my personal favorite parts about this song is the classic influence on the style of the horns. They're hazy and reverbed, and the perfect amount of soul to give the song as sense of completeness. Let's not forget the incredible bass line and beat that will have you dancing around in your car during one of your aesthetically pleasing trips.

Francisco Martin is a singer, writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from the Bay Area of San Francisco and is now based in Los Angeles. Growing up in a musically inclined family, Francisco grew up teaching himself how to play guitar, drums, piano and many other instruments eventually leading him to perform. He participated in season 18 of American Idol where he landed a spot in the Top 5. Since then he's released several hit singles, including 'Swollen' and 'Wild Girl' which both have accrued millions of streams, and 2 EP's, 'Beautiful Ramblings of a Restless Mind' and 'Maniac'. There's still a lot more to come from Francisco Martin so make sure to keep up with his journey!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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