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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "People Pleaser" - Ainsley Costello

Ainsley Costello People Pleaser Cover Art

Singer-songwriter Ainsley Costello's newest single, "People Pleaser," is a rock anthem of self-empowerment. Described by the artist as the musical equivalent of "leaving a cathartic therapy session and coasting down the PCH soaking up the sunshine with the top down," the track is bound to inspire all who listen. "People Pleaser" is about knowing what you want and not settling for anything less. The title is a clever subversion of the titular phrase; rather than pleasing other people, Ainsley sings, "so if you're gonna be with me, please me." The lyrics, combined with the irresistibly catchy pop-rock instrumental, make for the perfect summer feel-good song. It is fun and dancy, yet also meaningful and strong. With the powerful message of self-love, "People Pleaser" is the confidence booster we all need right now.

Written by Ainsley alongside renowned producer Christian Harger and Fight the Quiet's Nathan Dohse, "People Pleaser" is a perfect fusion of pop and rock. The acoustic guitars are blaring and the drums sound massive. The song is an infectious listen. Ainsley's performance exudes attitude and confidence, and the melodies she belts are the definition of an earworm. The catchiness of "People Pleaser" allows the track's lyricism to shine. Every line feels like a mantra to the listener; "I know how to make you stay, but I'm not going back in the wrong direction. Ditching myself for a missed connection." They are lyrics to sing to yourself when you need a reminder never to let anyone walk all over you.

"People Pleaser" is the lead single to Ainsley's upcoming debut album EXLESS, but the singer is not new to the music scene. At only 14, the singer was the youngest artist endorsed by Breedlove Guitars, and her career only grew from there. The 20-year-old Nashville native released her first official single, "Self Conscious," in 2019 and has since released 19 more. As a Burklee graduate in the music business, Ainsley has a strong grasp of the modern music landscape. Tracks like "Little Sister" and "Cherry on Top" have received over 70,000 Spotify downloads, and the singer-songwriter has amassed over 300,000 streams overall. Citing artists like Haley Williams and Taylor Swift as musical inspirations, Ainsley's music centers on themes of women's empowerment and feminist ideals. You can listen to "People Pleaser" along with the rest of Ainsley Costello's discography, on all streaming services now. And be sure to look out for EXLESS on September 6, later this year.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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