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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Perfect" - Eleri Ward

“Perfect” is a hauntingly beautiful indie-pop song about perfection; though perfection is beautiful and knowingly unachievable, Ward can’t help but crave it. Everything is always harder than it seems, and the word perfection is laughably easy compared to actually achieving it. No matter how close to perfection you may be, it’s never enough because there are always things to improve on, even if this improvement begins to stagnate after a long period of time. So is it pointless to chase after perfect things? To want to be perfect? Ward brings us thoughtful commentary on her idea of perfection and this conundrum.

Stunning listeners with the swell of the angelic chorus before descending into a somber chord, “Perfect” showcases Ward’s throaty and mature voice, full of emotion yet breathy at the same time. The strum of the guitar in the background pushes her voice forward, adding texture to her wispy voice. Ward’s layering is masterfully done, exploding the climax with breathy scales accompanied by the swell of the music and instruments.

First known for her various Stephen Sondheim covers, Ward has been surrounded by music forever, humming in the backseat and arguing with her piano teacher. Eleri Ward is determined to blend pop with an amalgamation of styles, genres, and sounds that evoke emotion. Forging a new path of musical theatre and indie folk-pop, Ward’s first album, A Perfect Little Death, is only the beginning of things to come. “Perfect” is only a taste of things to come; more original work as she cements her style in the industry.

Written By Megan Cao



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