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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Perfect Lie" - TONICA

Bringing a darker edge to an 80s-inspired electro-pop sound, TONICA brings us a song to reflect on the frustrations of being put in situations that weren’t ideal. We’ve all dealt with our plans being uprooted either by this recent pandemic or other events, but we can relate to the pain of not being able to go for what we want because of circumstances out of our hands. But we have to grin and bear it, hoping that we’ll be able to go for it soon. “Perfect Lie”, this newest release by TONICA, aims to talk about the lie we dream about—the daydreams that take over when we’re left to our own devices with nothing to do but imagine what is yet to come.

A fantastic retro-styled music video pairs with this meaningful track, bringing us along on the journey of how the band came to be with visuals akin to an old-school cinema and B-movie horror vibe. In the meaning of dreaming of what they could become, “Perfect Lie” holds that in its lyrics. The song sings, “Do you believe in a perfect lie?/Keeping the faith as your dreams pass by/Because I do, I do” The duo brings this alternative pop track with a euphoric feeling to enrapture listeners. It’s guided by the track’s vocals, leading into a beautiful chorus filled with a guitar and a pleasant synth wave. It’s a track that stands in the face of struggles and tells it that we’re not backing down.

TONICA is a Manchester-based electro alt-pop duo that stuns fans with a contemporary, hook-heavy, electronic sound that takes from a darker side. They’re inspired by the classic 80s synth and alt bands like Depeche Mode and The Cure, also taking from more current acts like Lauv, The Neighbourhood, and The Weeknd. The duo is made up of Amory and Sam, Amory taking on the singing, writing, and guitar while the latter works heavily with the writing, producing, and instrumentalist side of things. “Perfect Lie” is TONICA’s third single; with it, they aim to attract new listeners with their creatively stunning sound.

Written by Jane Katryn



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