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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Pick Me" - Alec Benjamin

"We can say we met at a party," singer/songwriter Alec Benjamin suggests to an online match on his latest single, "Pick Me." The awkwardness of internet dating is both painfully and humorously portrayed with tongue subtly planted in cheek. The acoustic sincerity of its sound almost conceals the humor with which Benjamin writes. "Pick me if you need a guy within a hundred miles," sounds genuine until he confounds it with more vague descriptions. There's an awareness with which he introduces himself as a gemini with family in Ohio: that's as close to personal as one can get from a dating profile. As the "Let Me Down Slowly" singer croons over the delicate sonic palette, "Pick Me" sounds both inviting and elusive. Aching for connection, but laughing off anonymity.

Much of the humor in Benjamin's writing comes from the dismantling of half-truths. "Is it lying if I tell you that I went to USC," he asks, "even though I didn't graduate and had a 2.3?" Where the distance of online dating makes it easier to conceal the truth, "Pick Me" highlights how this dooms any relationship from the start. For as funny and ironic as his writing is, the singer/songwriter delivers each line in earnest. The music video centers around a diner-set speed dating scenario, but dating profile blurbs frame each participant. Though sitting across from each other, the plastered information places a distance between them. It encapsulates the rift between accessibility and connection. Sure, every eligible partner within a hundred miles is at your fingertips, but the disconnect can feel greater than ever.

Following an international tour, triumphant sophomore album, and billions of streams, Alec Benjamin is showing no signs of slowing down. "Pick Me" is the singer/songwriter's third single leading towards his third studio album. The project is set to release this year via Elektra Entertainment. Prior singles, "Different Kind of Beautiful" and "I Sent My Therapist to Therapy" introduced fans to this new era with acoustic pop storytelling (also receiving PopPassionBlog coverage). Benjamin performed the latter on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, also receiving exclusive coverage from Rolling Stone. Since his 2018 debut, the singer/songwriter has been on a swift trajectory to stardom, going from parking lot performances to global tours.

Written By Andy M.

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