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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Piece Of Your Heart" - Hunter Falls

Begging for love has never sounded so good. Piece of Your Heart finds Hunter Falls confronting his lost love and begging for another chance. He feels so deeply for his partner and losing them is the last thing he wants. He wants love and he's laying it all out on the line so he can get some. The subject of the song sounds emotional and it is but the lyrical content and instrumental paint a different picture. The energy that the track exudes feels less like yearning and more like a playful pining. Almost like a game of cat and mouse.

Piece of Your Heart is like a time machine sending the listener back to the 1980s. Big hair and synths rule this time and this track is no different. With the power of 1000 hairspray cans and the energy of any 80s pop track, Hunter Falls has captured the essence of synthpop. The brightness of the synths complements Hunter Falls's vocals perfectly and sets up a delicate foreground for the kick drum to play in. These sounds meld beautifully together and give way to the classic electronic energy we love from the genre. The track builds on itself with a driving bass guitar and sticky syncopations. Anyone would want to stand up and dance when this track comes on. The fun keeps on coming as the song progresses and we hear the story of Hunter's lost love and his need to get them back. The track is exciting and energetic, perfect for those who want to dance like no tomorrow.

Hunter Falls is a musician from Belgium. He’s been singing since he was six and learned from a young age that blending cultures makes amazing art. Hunter took his love for the beauty of the world and its many sounds to new heights when he began writing his music. He blends R&B with pop and soul to create something truly special. He uses these multicultural lenses to explore his meaning. Diving deep into what it means to love and live. With this, he also explores different genres he had never thought to touch before. Hunter Falls is a true musician in the way he makes something from everything.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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