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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "pink moon spring" - Belle Shea

There’s a lot of spiritual meaning behind the pink moon. The pink moon falls during spring; this season is symbolically synonymous with rebirth after enduring winter - when the year and most living things meet their end. It's also believed that the moon gets its name from the first pink flowers of the spring, which further solidifies the notion of rebirth. But the position of the pink moon we had this past April provides additional connotations. This moon was positioned in Libra: the zodiac sign of harmony and beauty. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus - Venus is all about partnership and connection. When this is all taken into consideration, it makes Belle Shea's latest single, "pink moon spring", a beacon for a budding love.

The pop track “pink moon spring” stylistically reminds me of Taylor Swift’s “Delicate” with its fresh synth opening that gradually evolves into a grand, orchestral atmosphere. However, Shea ensures that acoustic guitar strings are the star of the atmosphere she creates. And the meaning behind “pink moon spring” is vastly different, too; it’s a metaphor for how sweet the act of falling in love with someone is and can be (and should be for that matter). The single opens with Shea stating, “We’re a different kind of spring” before the song envelopes listeners in light synths as the first verse continues. Within this verse, we’re treated to wonderful imagery that showcases the affection experienced in a budding love and how it doesn’t feel like the love we’ve experienced before. The following verse embraces this new experience with open arms before it builds up to the chorus. In the chorus, the synths quiet down while the acoustic strings become the focal point as Shea expresses how the anticipation for a love like this exceeds what we could imagine because “it’s gonna feel brand new”. It will reinvent how we perceive and show love. The third verse encapsulates what partnership under the pink moon in Libra feels like as the song blossoms into the orchestral atmosphere. We’re “[m]arking time in heartbeats / That sound as steady as dancehall drums” - this new romance is balanced under Libra which helps it thrive since neither partner is fighting for power within it. But I especially love Shea’s vocals in the fourth verse that lead into the bridge and the song’s end. Her voice is rich with expression, perfectly capturing the wonder and surprise of finally having this experience. Ultimately, “pink moon spring” helps love skeptics envision what a blossoming love looks like while validating the sweet, innocent experience of those actively falling in love with their romantic interest.

Florida native turned New York local, Belle Shea, is a singer and songwriter currently based in Brooklyn. The artist has been playing guitar and writing music for as long as they can remember. Even opening for the funk-based band, Dumpstaphunk, as a solo artist in New Orleans at the age of 15. Shea’s debut album The Art of Years was released in 2020 and features multiple piano ballads and guitar-laden singles that showcase the range of their emotional and vocal range. On top of being the latest northeast musical sensation, the impressive artist has even written and performed abroad in western Europe, too. But with a sound like Shea’s, it’s not hard to imagine why. If you’ve enjoyed Belle Shea’s latest single as much as I have, show them some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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