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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Port Adelaide" - Window Shopping

I must commence this review by recognizing my ignorance towards Australian politics, local or national. Perhaps the threat of a dolphin attack is genuinely imminent—locals living in fear of a cetacean declaration of war (haha). If that's the case, I need to know so I can unfollow them on instagram. But as it stands, the foundation of Window Shopping's latest single, "Port Adelaide," is a hilariously detached anthem dedicated to the Australian band's campaign promise to save the titular region from dolphins. The writing has a buoyancy and movement, breezy hooks dropping off into walls of guitars and bass. In the song's back half, the momentum resets as the band chants alongside a tight instrumental. You can feel the band grinning as they gear up towards a climactic finale. And then—for a moment—they burst apart, like a firework. It's uncertain whether that's it — each instrument sputtering flames and smog, before clicking together as the drums build up into the real climax. It's the kind of controlled chaos that brings its colorful lyrics to life.

"Vote for me." The chant kicks off "Port Adelaide" atop a sizzling fuse of a baseline. Lead vocalist, Jordon Best, delivers it the same you might expect her to give directions to the dunny. It immediately characterizes the work, giving it a sharp wit rather than seeking to actually inspire passionate feelings. So, when other members echo bold statements with smooth falsettos, ("she will be the one") it twists with a heavy dose of insincere sincerity. "I will declare we'll defend ourselves," she sings, guitars blitzing ahead in anticipation of the grand reveal: "when the dolphins attack." Could more be expounded upon about how the song satirizes political campaigns ignoring substantive issues in favor of promising protection from threats they've entirely fabricated? Perhaps. The references to what's not changing ("can't promise to fix all the potholes, or make pot legal,") certainly make for scathing commentary. But, at the end of its stellar three minute runtime, "Port Adelaide" proves itself too much stupid fun to do anything but embrace. Down with the dolphins!

Window Shopping are a band based in Adelaide, South Australia. Comprised of five members, the group began releasing music just this year. Prior to "Port Adelaide," the group released their debut single in June, "One More Episode." They're frank about their goals: "They write songs and play those songs out loud." The simplicity of their mission statement matches the good fun they appear to imbue their art with, but belies the hard work and polished vision that fuels it. While we're only keen to two singles, thus far, more is certainly on the way. Art like theirs is truly good for the soul.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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