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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Precious Work of Art" - AEONA

AEONA Precious Work of Art Cover Art

In AEONA’s second single “Precious Work of Art”, she quite literally paints a picture of what it means to reflect on your life to realize that living is like creating a piece of artwork. No matter our experiences, we are a culmination of journeys and paint strokes– in the end, it is up to us to decide whether or not those colors are stains or if they are works of art. Through lovely painting metaphors and gentle vocals, this track will make you want to lay in the sun and think about all the events in your life that have made you– well, you. AEONA’s honest storytelling makes for a song that everyone can relate to and feel for. Even more, it encourages its listeners to look inward to see that they are works of art, splatters and all.

When I think of paintings and introspection, my mind immediately goes to Bob Ross’ classic line: “There are no mistakes. Just happy accidents”. “Precious Work of Art” echoes that sentiment– and then some! Its soft yet energetic instrumentals build in passion as the track continues on, and all the while AEONA’s vocals wrap the entire soundscape together. The song itself feels like creating a painting, each instrument adding a small yet crucial part of the artwork; the vocals are like the final glaze, bringing forth the lyrics’ emotion and meaning. Together, they create quite a beautiful work of art. The songwriting is especially poignant. I really love how the track acknowledges the unfortunate moments in our lives as things that help create who we are, but do not ultimately define us. While the entire song has such poetic lyrics, informed by the art of painting, I particularly like how it ends with AEONA singing, “Hang me up for them to see / Hang me up for them to see”. The idea of our inner and outer selves being astounding works of art, perfect enough to hang on a wall, is such a stunning picture to imagine. “Precious Work of Art” is, at its core, a song to uplift the spirit, and I think it does that tenfold with its soundscape and message.

Singaporean singer-songwriter AEONA is a quirky green-enthusiast who wears her multifaceted personality with a smile. She previously worked in an urban farm, where she gained the nickname “Plant Girl” after singing parodies to plants. Like with those plants, she seeks to nurture an environment with her music that is best suited for growing, understanding, and love. Embracing her vulnerability, AEONA isn’t afraid to make a stand against mental health stigmas and uses her art to represent the struggles of living in such a divided world. She wrote her first song at 19, basing it on her own mental health struggles, and realized that she had a talent for writing honest and heartstring-tugging lyrics that capture what it meant to grow up. Her debut single was released in 2023, entitled “Puppy Love”. “Precious Work of Art” is her latest release, and has also won championship and best lyrics in The Dream Composition 2024. But AEONA isn’t done there, so if you enjoyed the encouraging sounds of her music, drop her a follow to keep track of her next projects!

Written By Alexa Leung



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