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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Pretend" - Lapenzi

“Pretend” by artist, Lapenzi, uncovers the feeling of being so dependent on someone and for them to love you back that it completely breaks you when it doesn’t work out. Lapenzi is an incredible artist and has such a beautiful voice. She’s very vulnerable in the song and you can hear it in her voice. The song does an excellent job of exploring what it’s like to still feel so much love for a past partner and how difficult it can be to move on. When talking about the song, Lapenzi has expressed how this song was written during a time when her world and her happiness were built around a specific person, and how much more difficult it would be in the aftermath when things didn’t work out. “Pretend” is deeply moving and deserves your undivided attention, as it’s clear that Lapenzi has put a lot of herself into this song.

The song is predominantly set over a simple piano with a few other added elements, but the combination of Lapenzi’s singing over the piano works so well. A line that really stands out is “I just want to hold you one last time,” because it emphasizes how the speaker still hasn’t found closure. The chorus really gets stuck in your head, and it cuts deep, especially with the lyric “If you don’t love me, can you pretend that you love.” It really paints the picture of how in pain the speaker is and is willing to be lied to or made a fool just to get that love back. The harmonies in the chorus work very well and highlight the lyric content. Overall, Lapenzi did an excellent job with “Pretend” and I highly recommend you check it out.

Lapenzi is an artist based in Australia. She has already gained a good amount of popularity online, earning over 15k followers on TikTok and over 8,000 streams on Spotify with only one previous release, “Cross Your Heart.” Lapenzi has been very clear about how making music is therapy for her and how she hopes her work can help others. It’s very admirable to want to help others with your music and it shows what a great artist Lapenzi is. It is unclear what is next for Lapenzi, but we can expect great things from her as the music she has out now is a clear sign of great talent.

Written By Chantal Charles


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