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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Problems" - CeCe

CeCe’s latest single is a fiery pop-rock track that was made to be blasted in the car while driving down the highway with the windows down. “Problems” conveys the vital message of “taking your power back from anyone who has ever done you wrong.” CeCe accomplishes this by spending the entire track exposing her former partner for the toxic person they truly are. Throughout the song, she reveals their harmful behavior through witty lyrics and the catchy hook where she sings, “Problems// I got ‘em// And you’re number one.” She then continues the chorus with the cheeky lines: “Somebody better call up your mama// Tell her ‘come get your son’// Cause I’m about to air out your laundry and laugh while it burns.” CeCe reveals that she is holding nothing back, and is willing to do anything to restore control of the narrative that is rightfully hers. Now that she has the power back in her grasp, she is free to reveal to the world the true nature of this toxic partner. “Problems” is a cathartic release for anyone who has ever been done wrong by someone they thought they loved and provides them comfort in their own heartbreak.

“Problems” is the epitome of an angsty pop-rock track that pumps up listeners and replays in their heads. The track kicks off with muffled vocals paired with a soft electric guitar strum that immediately catches the audience’s attention. The vocals start to build, becoming clearer, before CeCe’s lead vocals begin and the full track completely commences. The guitar continues, paired with the drums that guide the listener through the candid storytelling. At the pre-chorus, the drums become muted, drawing focus on CeCe’s voice and the guitar. Then with a unique transition, the full production kicks off at the chorus, enhancing the high energy atmosphere. Throughout the song, CeCe’s powerful voice is filled with an unmistakable fury that displays her strong passion toward the words she is singing. “Problems” is an intense track that showcases CeCe’s clever songwriting and her mesmerizing vocals.

CeCe Frey, best known as just CeCe, is a singer-songwriter from Decatur, Illinois. She was a contestant on season two of The X Factor (U.S.) with Demi Lovato as her mentor, and finished 6th place in the competition. Two years later in 2014, she released her debut single “Dead 2 Me”. After releasing one more single in 2017, she went on a five-year hiatus. Then in May 2022, she returned to social media to announce her return to music with her single, “FUEO”. Including “Problems”, these two tracks mark her newest era, introducing her upcoming project. CeCe has a dedicated fanbase that has stuck with her since her X Factor days and anticipate her comeback to music.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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