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  • George McSherry

Review: "Promise" - Faith Louise

Faith Louise's fresh new track "Promise" sets the scene amongst the flashing colored lights in a converted warehouse club amongst the dinner-plate-pupils of angsty, sweat-drenched youth. The crowd, a collective hellbent on exercising emotional demons, pulses on the beat's command. It's too loud to talk to your neighbor but a wry smile is all the language necessary in the short lull before the dance anthem crashes back into the crowd, transporting you back inside the beat.

Deep, distorted vocals pull you into the song's opening alongside the underpinning synth-heavy bassline that forms the track's club-banger framework. Faith wastes no time introducing direct, poignant lyricism which she delivers equally well in the song's subtle troughs as she does in the visceral peaks. Clean-cut percussion loops both balance and frame the thick, treacle-textured bass, allowing it to proudly assume center stage in this fervor-packed performance.

Based in the UK, Faith Louise is a young musician making waves in the industry with her fresh blend of pop and club music that has seen her garner attention and acclaim from BBC Introducing, MSN Entertainment, and BBC Radio Essex as she has gained a sturdy following across YouTube and streaming platforms and most recently, Faith headlined the Camden Assembly. Reportedly fuelled almost exclusively by junk food and tea, Faith can get her calories from wherever as long as she keeps producing tracks like this one.

Written By George McSherry



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