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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Radio" - TITUS BANK

“Radio” is a song about TITUS BANK and the love he has with his wife. The song came together as he talked abut how only the love that could rival that of his and his wife’s, were the songs and artists on the radio. The song explores all the awkward stages they went through at a young age. I think this tune is a great example of what love actually looks like. It wasn’t some grand romantic gesture or some classic fake material thing. Their love was awkward and bumpy and real. The love that BANK shows, is what real love is like, and it could rival anything that is sung on the radio.

The melodic lines of “Radio” are filled with song drum set, guitar and synths, making for a heavy set up of beats that are catchy and in your face. The drum set really drives the bass for the most part and sets a steady tempo for the tune. I think the guitar’s chord progression is nice to focus on during the chorus, while the guitar is prominent during the whole song, it’s really fun during the chorus. I couldn’t pick a favorite line of lyrics from this song but I loved how the phrase “I wish…” was repeated and used multiple times. I think it shows how often times we wish we were different and be some kind of star in a relationship. But “Radio” is a reminder that we don’t have to be the most popular, best dressed, or richest to love. You can have real love through being just who you are.

TITUS BANK, while relatively new to the pop music scene, has already found success with his alt-pop hits. With two singles out, they have both received praise from BBC radio and also massive International support. TITUS BANK currently has over 35,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and has 5 singles and two EPs out. Stay tuned for his upcoming EP that will be released later this summer! TITUS BANK isn’t one to miss!

Written By Emily Hancock



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