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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Raised By Wolves" - Haven Everly

Progress never linearly projects upwards – but I wish it did. And I think the best example of nonlinear progress comes from within the music industry. We have more underrepresented artists, producers, and technicians than ever before. Despite the growth of this diverse representation over the last decade, it’s only made a dent in the music industry. This is still a sector that’s dominated by men in all its facets. This is why it’s important to uplift the voices and creations of those attempting to change the face of the music industry. Especially artists like Haven Everly who have overcome so many adversities within it. Everly’s new single “Raised By Wolves” encapsulates the resilience she’s developed in the face of resistance from the industry.

“Raised By Wolves” is a pop-rock single that’s sung with soul and completely grounded in self-empowerment. The song’s opening treats listeners to a calculated piano melody while the first verse paints a picture of the hardships Everly has overcome. It evokes dramatic visions of someone that knows they’re a force to be reckoned with as they confidently sashay into the room. The bluesy bass lines that accompany the lyrics; “Been broken down one too many times / And left out to dry”, send chills down my spine in the best way possible. It mentally prepares listeners to embrace the intensity of the emotions that are about to flood their consciousness. The pre-chorus acknowledges the depths of the darkness Everly was sent to while on her journey to have her music be heard. While the chorus sees her acceptance of it. Yet, instead of it keeping her down, she’s transformed this darkness into a source of power for herself. But what I absolutely love about “Raised By Wolves” is how it plays with the dual symbolism of wolves. It highlights underrepresented artists’ persistence to have their creative intellectual property be recognized and heard, while showcasing how the music industry eagerly devours fresh talent that does not fit into their brand image or identity.

California based artist, Haven Everly, comes from a musically inclined family. Both of her parents were trained, professional singers - heavily influencing the artist and her siblings. Everly even started the pop girl group, SChAE, with her two older sisters. While in the group, the artist had the opportunity to perform on the famed NYC Apollo Theater stage and was met with a standing ovation. But Everly’s talents aren't just limited to music. Fans might recognize the artist as Tatianna on Showtime’s The L Word: Generation Q and Gigi on Netflix’s YOU. Next month, the artist will be starring in the upcoming musical, The Girl Who Left Home, as Christine. The musical is set to be released on May 30th and can be streamed on Amazon Prime and Apple TV. "Raised By Wolves" is both Everly's debut single and her solo breakout into the music scene. If you've enjoyed the artist's powerful single as much as I have, show them some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows. But most significantly, send Everly your congratulations for a successful debut!

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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