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  • Fatimah Bouri

Review: "Reason" - Galaxy Thief

In bouts of loneliness, it is not unusual to cling onto the first stranger who happens to be in your exact lonesome predicament. Galaxy Thief's "Reason" conveys the sorrowful blues of being alone in a bar and drinking away the turmoil while being accompanied by a stranger. Sometimes, knowing someone shares the same feelings of desolation and isolation can be enough to pull us out from depressive lows and inwardly sour moods.

Heavily leaning into a pop-rock aesthetic, "Reason" starts soft and solemn with reflective, detailed lyrics about a lonely experience at a bar. Gradually, the track embraces poppy, preppy guitars and swells into this grandiose anthem about running away and conquering the world with a stranger from the bar. "Why don't we just try to get away?" croons lead singer Rhys Messenger potently, a statement of zeal and desperation to escape the troubles of the world. With hints of hopefulness scattered throughout the song, "Reason" serves as an anthemic love piece that proves that having someone to help you weather the toughest storms can make all the difference.

Inspired by the likes of The 1975 and The Band CAMINO, Galaxy Thief offers their own eccentric styling of pop-rock music. Since 2017, the UK group has pumped out their own EPs and singles, frequented festivals and well-known venues and are known for their vivacious live performances. 2018's "Mind Games" EP was their initial footing into the music industry, followed by 2019's "Fires You Can't Put Out" EP and since then, the group continued to consistently release singles recording in their own homemade studio near South Coast.

Written By Fatimah Bouri



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