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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Reason" - SUNNY.

SUNNY. just released their second-ever single titled "Reason," an electric piece about the bittersweetness of a fresh infatuation. It's about that beginning stage with the person you're interested in and all the uncertainties in that stage. You constantly ask yourself "What are we?" "How do they feel about me?" "Should I make the first move?" It involves all of the little things you do to gain their interest and to show them that you're definitely interested in getting closer to them. Combining light summer vibes with soft vocals, SUNNY. created an exceptionally light-hearted piece about new love.

This piece has heavy 80s pop production influences, which SUNNY. owes their inspiration for this style to artists such as Lennon Stella, The Band Camino, and LANY. This song is comprised of a lot of fun sounds, especially with the electric guitar notes towards the end to spice up the melody. The melody is energetic and bubbly and has such an uplifting spirit to it. As for the vocals, Melodie has a very calming voice which matches the level of the melody perfectly. The vocals and melody blend well with the charming lyrics, which talk about being so into this person that you're hoping for any chance that they will return the feeling. Lines such as "got you all in my head" and "got your message on read did you notice?" are all things we experience when we first feel that spark. Overall, this piece is a very fun and light-hearted song that listeners can resonate with when they catch feels.

SUNNY. is a duo composed of Melodie and Ben who debuted their music in July of this year. Their first-ever single "Boring People" dropped on July 29 with their latest single "Reason" dropping just recently. They have a bunch of music they're ready to share with the world so stay tuned!

Written By Melina Darlas



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