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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Red Lights (ft. Clemont)" - Holy Mattress Money

“Red Lights” is a dreamy, Lo-fi pop hit that is about someone who ignores red flags, even if it’s not on purpose. Likely, we can all relate to having been in situations where we’ve blatantly ignored when someone showed a red flag. It’s honestly a cycle of never getting out of the relationship that becomes so toxic and difficult for us. “Red Lights” depict these feelings of knowing someone is bad but still not letting it go. We can’t let go because we love them, but we can’t pretend we didn’t know they were bad for us. It’s such a dilemma and hard spot to be in. What do you do when you can’t help but keep blowing past the obvious red lights? Holy Mattress Money perfectly intertwines these feelings in an emotional, yet chill tune.

The Lo-fi elements to “Red Lights” are the star of the show throughout the song. The electronic music has a slow downtempo, light guitar, and hip-hop influenced saturation and synth beats. The overall feel to this tune couldn’t be any more chill and dreamier. I loved how effortless the vocals were in this single, they felt equally as relaxed and not too overpowered for the vibe of this music style. My favorite lyrics from “Red Lights” were “I keep running back to you every time/ Friends wonder how I could’ve been so blind”. There’s never really an understanding as to why we overlook the obvious red flags. The only thing to do is leave them and see the warning signs for what they are, and yet, we simply can’t do it. No matter what our friends try and tell us, we don’t listen. I liked these two lines the best simply because I felt like they were exactly about me. I could so easily see myself in this song and in these words, it was the story of my life. The relatability was just another perk of what makes this song so great.

Holy Mattress Money is led by producer and songwriter Jesty Beatz, of whom has produced more than 30 tracks that feature various performers on lead vocals. This unique way of creating music from different perspectives and that feature different vocalists in every song, has been extremely successful and made Holy Mattress Money a unique name in the music world. Holy Mattress Money breaks all the traditional “rules” that musicians have been told to follow in order to be successful, however Jesty Beatz has done it in a way that’s new, fresh, and uniquely his. The high-energy performances blend electronic indie-pop elements with a twist of new live musicianship. Holy Mattress Money is delivering an experience you won’t want to miss out on!

Written By Emily Hancock



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