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  • Gillian Mena

Review: "Red X" - Victoria Hiegel

A dreamy pop song that was written after a bad breakup, “Red X” reflects what many feel after a breakup. The soothing background music allows for the heartfelt and personal lyrics within the song to stand out, giving them a larger platform. While the song is more relaxed overall, there is still an upbeat feel to the song, creating a catchy feel to it.

Starting with soothing melodies in the background with strong vocals, Victoria begins the song with heartfelt lyrics. Proclaiming that “your the best, I'm the worst, I'm the enemy” at the beginning of the song, she follows with “your words have taken all the space, I'm hiding in the corner in a room of shame”. While the background music of the song is relatively subdued, these strong lyrics are able to pop, allowing listeners to focus on the meaning and heartfelt pain behind them. Creating a stage that many are familiar with after a breakup, Victoria continues to progress the song with a similar lyrical pattern as well as with the subdued melodies. During the chorus and bridges of the song however, the beat picks up closer mimicking the flow of the lyrics to follow patterns of a heartbeat. A combination of their soothing beginning of the song, in conjunction to the upbeat ending, Victoria creates a catchy and relatable song for many listeners.

A new pop artist, Victoria is based in New York City. Originally from Louisville, the artist has released multiple singles with “Red X” being her latest. With her debut song “Pink Carpet” only being released in 2021, Victoria has continued to release a couple songs within the year all showcasing her range of talents. Although just beginning, her musical career is sure to flourish.

Written By Gillian Mena



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