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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Replace Me" - June

Do you ever just stop and think about how fast time has gone? How did you even end up where you are now? Being a kid feels like it was a whole other life time at this point, and you find yourself thinking about what it was like when you were younger. You remember all the friends you used to have to play with; the innocence of being best friends at an age so young where the only worry you had was what game you were going to play next. 'Replace Me' by June is a coming of age song where you're able to tell those old friends that even though you're growing up and you may need to go separate ways, you'll always be close and there's no need to find anyone to replace you.

There's a special connection you create when you've got a childhood best friend. They're the only one who can help you hold on to the memories of being young. June sings softly and beautifully in this bittersweet anthem. It gives you the perfect amount of nostalgia, reminding you to never forget your roots and where you come from. Life gets crazy sometimes, but deep down inside you're still that little child who dreams of wonderful things. The instrumentation gives a sense of innocence with a lovely pop mix on top of a folk inspired rhythm. It's the type of music you can feel sink down deep into your heart, making you want to just close your eyes and listen with full attention.

June is a beautiful artist who has known music for the majority of her life. Starting with classical piano at a very young age, June grew into her passion, becoming an incredible singer and songwriter. She's hoping to inspire young women of color to break out more into the pop music world as she has. June explores and experiments with her sound to create a unique and ear-pleasing pop / electro-house feel to her music. Check out her other recent release 'Super Love' where we interviewed June on her relationship with the music industry! (read our interview with June here!)

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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