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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Replay" - Jaime Deraz feat. Bad Boyfriend

Jaime Deraz and Bad Boyfriend have teamed up again for a new summer anthem, “Replay”. This song takes the listener on a journey of heartbreak and longing. Deraz opens the song by reminiscing on the times she and her former partner shared together, and all the little things she misses. All these moments echo in her mind, breaking her heart all over again. At the end of the chorus, she tells her former partner that they have her “spinning like a record that you left on replay”. This love is a melody stuck in her head that repeats like a broken record. For her, her feelings will never stop spinning even if her lover has stopped listening. “Replay” is a brilliantly written track that explores the feelings that come with broken hearts and lost love.

When Jaime Deraz and Bad Boyfriend come together to create a new song it is destined to be a hit. “Replay” is their newest addition to their list of flawless collaborations. It is a song that gets stuck in your head instantly, ironically “replaying” in your mind like the relationship replays in Deraz’s mind. Her sweet angelic voice and Bad Boyfriend’s incredible electronica production creates an unforgettable track. The infectious beats and relatable lyrics stay with the listener, and before they know it, they are singing along. “Replay” highlights the talent of both artists and intrigues fans to listen to their previous collaborations.

Jaime Deraz is a singer-songwriter from Long Island, New York. In late 2018, she made her debut in the music industry when she released her first EP, Almost. She has nearly 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and has received multiple playlist adds on the platform. In 2021, she co-founded the faded BLUE record label, which she is also the executive director for. Bad Boyfriend’s discography exclusively includes collaborations with Jaime Deraz. They have a total of 15 songs together, including “Replay”. They have nearly 85,000 monthly listeners on Spotify with features on different EDM and remix playlists.

Written By Karlee Smith




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