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  • Troy J Sica

Review: "Rest Of My Days" - Beyond The Sun

If you are looking for some new love songs to add to your playlist when you reminisce on current or past relationships late at night, on the drive or just laying in bed, "Rest Of My Days," by Beyond The Sun should definitely be added. The combination of the wonderful lyrics and the accompaniment truly captivates the listener into feeling all the emotions that are meant to be felt.

It's soft yet powerful catchy lyrics mixed with its head bopping instruments creates a song that seems like it has been made in the early 2000's / 2010's. If "Rest Of My Days," was created into a story, the start of it feels condensed where two people come together and make a promise to stay together for the 'rest of their days.' However, in the middle of the story the partners know that things will be tough, expressing all the possibilities that could or would affect their relationship emphasized by the loud and upbeat chorus. But thankfully it leads to a very passionate and happy ending where the lovers are determined and ready to deal with all the problems they will face as long as their relationship remains strong. Also the guitar at the end that fades out gives you a sense of a 'To Be Continued..." moment.

"Beyond The Sun," is made up of three brothers born and raised right outside Toronto, Ontario; Colin Radu (singer), Phil Radu (guitarist), and lastly Dalton Radu (drummer). At the ages of 6, 8 and 11 they started their musical journey by performing 'living room concerts for their parents' to now leading, over a decade later, "hearing themselves on Sirius XM radio and performing for a 7,000 person sold-out crowd at Puerto Rico’s Wild Summer Festival." Follow Beyond The Sun's socials to keep up to date on their journey!

Written By Troy Sica

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