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  • Conner Pettit

Review: "Revenge (DBSC)" - tan feelz

People often say “what goes around, comes around”, oftentimes, with equal force.

In tan feelz’ Wednesday-inspired song, “Revenge (DBSC)”, she speaks to this karmic desire, hoping that the pendulum—truly—swings in both directions. Many of us can likely relate to this feeling, experiencing bitterness over someone who betrayed us, wishing for their inevitable downfall (no matter how immature the emotion can feel). This song is great for anyone wanting to reclaim their power, finding comfort in the fact that an action (being unfaithful, moving on too quickly, or being a bad person) always receives an equal yet opposite reaction.

Beginning with spooky staccato notes and sparkling chimes, the song transports you into a haunted house—unnerved—peaking around every corner. The pre-chorus escalates, her voice trailing off with a unique, oscillating distortion. I really like her delivery of the line “Revenge is a dish best served cold”, featuring a subtle accent and dryness that emphasize her angst. The song breaks into an atmospheric chorus, 808 drum beats, and haunting “oooohs”, similar to the sensual yet empowering song “Heaven” by Julia Michaels. I also really enjoyed the “revvy” guitar sounds (i.e. revving a motorcycle) which add an interesting yet grungy flavor to the entire track.

Up-and-coming artist Tan Feelz began releasing music last year (2022), covering Nelly Furtado’s well-known song “Say It Right” and Miley Cyrus’ “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” soon thereafter. Featuring chill-lofi beats, vibey-acoustic ballads (e.g. Breathe), and synth-driven production, she has quickly garnered 1.1 M Tiktok followers and 95K fans on Instagram. Reminding me of the artists Chymes and Emei, she utilizes an atmospheric, breathy sound that blends well with electronic music. For example, the track “Too Shy”, leans into a more sci-fi, spacey production, featuring effective lyrics of romance and longing. Although just starting out, she has amazing potential, capable of singing anything from acoustic tracks to club-inspired, dance music!

Written By: Conner Pettit



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