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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Ride This Out With Me" - Molly Aisha

The effects of Covid-19 and isolation can be felt worldwide. For many people, lockdown was a period of time spent yearning for the presence of your loved ones and feeling extremely lonely. Molly Aisha wonderfully illustrates these emotions in her new single, “Ride This Out With Me”. Molly's clear and crisp voice serenades audiences as they take in her wide vocal range and ability to hold long fermata notes. The single radiates emotion and listeners can feel the passion and relatability behind Molly's strong lyrics.

Molly’s breathtaking vocals are immediately introduced, as the single’s first lyrics sing, “Every single day is the same, and you’re not here to ride this out with me”. Her beautiful lyricism successfully brings words to the detrimental effects that solitude can have on the mind and heart. “Ride This Out With Me” also features the talented Lola Simms, who brings a delicate and raspy vocal flare that pairs perfectly with Molly’s rich alto voice. The single possesses ethereal instrumentation with warm piano chords, rhythmic drums and the whimsical xylophone. The song incorporates frequent vocal layering, including angelic hums, distorted lines and beautiful falsetto belts.

Originally from York, Molly Aisha is an alternative pop singer-songwriter with a knack for passionate storytelling. Molly began songwriting at 12-years-old and her official journey as a solo artist began in 2018 when she started debuting her original material across York and Hull. She has made appearances at Fulford Arms, York Barbican, Off the Road, the BBC stage at York Pride and more. Molly’s music career was able to thrive during the Covid-19 lockdown, as she became heavily active on Instagram, showcasing her singing and writing abilities through weekly videos and reels. Her debut single, “Lose My Mind” was released in 2021 and has amassed over 2.5k streams on Spotify alone. Molly Aisha's angelic voice and compelling songwriting abilities establish her as a rising star to watch as she releases more beautiful music.

Written By Julia Hooper



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