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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Right This Time" - Seth Gauton

Seth Gauton’s highly anticipated debut solo release “Right This Time” is an exploration into the moment you realize you’re losing your perspective in an argument, but remain too stubborn to apologize. It’s something we’ve all experienced– our confidence shaking, but wanting to nonetheless sting with conviction in a heated fight. We dig our heels into the ground and attempt to regain our stance, but know that we’re wrong and keep shouting anyways. The track details the cycle of fighting and forgiveness until forgiveness can no longer be given, and the sudden shock of comprehending that things need to be made right before it’s all over, and allowing yourself to listen to the other side. With melancholy and lyrical poetics, Seth brings “Right This Time” to life by injecting passion and hope within its soundscape to create a beautifully complex track, narratively and compositionally.

“Right This Time” is decadent with meaning, narrative, and instrumentals. The soundscape is sublime– with hummable strings and eventual pumped-up percussion, you can feel the heat of the argument before it fizzles out near the track’s end, and the sobering realization of a lost perception setting in. It’s an extremely dynamic song, and I felt that the instrumentals' varying intensities played really well with the song’s meaning, too. There’s a very compelling interplay with the phrase “right this time” in the lyrics, where the narrator wants to be “right” in the argument but ends the track wanting to make it “right” with the other person. The lyrics are amazingly vivid– my favorite lines definitely have to be “Now we can’t deny we’re / Holding smoking guns / No bullets dodged”. It’s just such an evocative way to describe a fight that’s going nowhere. “Right This Time” is an oscillating track with changes in both vigor and meaning, making it remarkably magnetic with a new experience each time the song loops anew.

Singer-songwriter Seth Gauton is “bad with words, good with lyrics”. He uses writing as more than an escapist tool, but as a way to synthesize a busy mind into expressive and potent concepts. Influenced by artists such as Jeff Buckley, Sam Fender, and Holly Humberstone, Seth’s indie pop sound is rich and expressive with eloquent songwriting. His writing expertise has attracted a variety of talent across the music industry to his project– ranging from Grammy and BRIT nominated writers to award-winning mixers, many are interested in working with Seth’s music potential. “Right This Time” is his debut solo single; if you enjoyed the track’s superb composition, consider dropping him a follow as this release will be followed by four more tracks over the next few months. Seth Gauton is definitely an artist you'll want to keep your eye on.

Written By Alexa Leung



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