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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Rock Bottom" - ROSIE

Rock Bottom ROSIE Cover Art

“Rock Bottom” is the glimmer of hope we keep on reserve, especially when dealing with trying times. It’s a gentle reminder that “You can only go up from here.” A reminder that one can rest assured in having been through the worst of the worst already and knowing what that looks like. On my first listen to this gem, I noted that it is rather sad, but also empowering it shows us that there can be beauty in pain. It solidifies the fact that growth is painful, but necessary. From the first strum of the guitar, the listener should definitely prepare themselves to either a) cry , b) make a sad face/remember sad times or, at the very least, c) let oneself remember a painful time in your life.

ROSIE recounts pondering the world’s view of her - “Everyone says I seem so happy.” But, contrasts that with the truth of the situation. “No one saw the quiet tears.” There is the saying that the happiest people hide the greatest pains. Although ROSIE appears to have mastered the art of masking, she can be truthful within and to herself. She knows the struggles that she has faced, what she has worked to overcome. “I take a bad day and call it a blessing.” It takes a certain kind of strength to be able to take a bad day and call it a blessing. When one thinks of a blessing, it certainly doesn’t involve a bad day. But, ROSIE issues a gentle reminder that sometimes you gotta roll with the punches and be grateful for it all. “I’ve seen the worst nights and never forgot ‘em.” While it does feel amazing to come out of a hard time, it is difficult to forget that time. As the old adage goes, it’s the bad/hard times that make the good/easier times better. Without pain, one cannot appreciate joy. ROSIE has realized this fact and brought it to life in this beautiful reminder to never lose hope and practice optimism at every given chance. ROSIE’s soft demeanor to her voice drives home the point of contentment and the slightly louder singing in the chorus is the fight being revived inside her. Speaking about the process of creating “Rock Bottom”, ROSIE stated ““‘Rock Bottom,’ explains why I am the person I am today. I’ve overcome many hardships over the years, from grieving the loss of a dear friend, to battling anxiety and depression, and this record recounts it all. More than anything, this song is about finding light within the darkness, taking a negative experience and turning it into positivity, or as I say in the song, realizing that ‘nothing looks bad when you’ve seen rock bottom.’”

An American singer/songwriter, Rosaileen Scher graces our brains/ears creatively as ROSIE. ROSIE describes her musical stylings and lyricism as “Spreading mental health awareness through music. After much hard work, 24 year-old ROSIE found success through her song “Never the 1” going viral on TIkTok. Rosie’s social media presence includes a multitude of followers across the world wide web, with the count growing by the second. ROSIE has been releasing music since becoming a viral sensation in 2020. You can catch ROSIE on tour next month starting in Georgia. If ROSIE’s single “Rock Bottom” speaks to you and you wish to hear more from her, follow her on all socials below and keep up with her as she cements her name in the world!

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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