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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Rough Patch" - EVALINA

Pop newcomer EVALINA just released "Rough Patch" as the lead single off her upcoming debut EP. The upbeat pop track details feeling delusional about a breakup after a messy relationship that has been in a cycle of breaking up and making up. Inspired by the film She's The Man, EVALINA takes on the perspective of Sebastian's ex-girlfriend, who will not accept her relationship with Sebastian has ended. Instead, she calls his breakup speech a 'rough patch' between them and tries to convince herself that he'll come back to her. Delivered with infectious pop hooks and production, the song came together to keep me engaged and dancing around.

In "Rough Patch," EVALINA sings about refusing her friends' Ben & Jerry's offerings, putting coins in a jar, and not feeling a need to cry because the breakup does not seem final. From the perspective of a delusional ex-girlfriend, EVALINA takes on the role that her former boyfriend is just breaking up with her temporarily, as they have done before. If you have ever been a cyclical relationship, you could probably connect with EVALINA's lyrics like "Ready for the comeback," "Cos when she's finally in your bed / I'm still inside your head," and "Something tells me you'll be running on back to me." With dynamic production and sparkling vocals, EVALINA has a crafted a commercial, electro-pop track that is a fun listen, even if you're not in denial about your breakup.

EVALINA debuted in 2022 with her single "Side Effects," which received wide-acclaim and made its way onto a few of Spotify's playlists. She studied at South London's BRIT school, after which she was found by production duo, Laconic. Despite being so early into her career, she has collaborated with the likes of SILK, About That, and Kisch already. She has also earned over 33 million streams across platforms. Going forward, she plans to release her debut EP soon. If you enjoyed this release, make sure to check out what comes next! You can keep up all with all the latest information about EVALINA and her music by following the social media links below. As EVALINA put it herself, her career so far has "only scratched the surface."

Written By Sydney Gray



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