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  • Gillian Mena

Review: "Saddest Happy Girl" - Stalking Gia

The pressure of needing to succeed, finding one's purpose, and finding companionship all while needed to keep up outside appearance. An aspect of life that many can relate to, Stalking Gia brings all these emotions to life in her newest song “Saddest Happy Girl”. While being the saddest happy girl may mean that nothing particularly bad as well as nothing particularly amazing has occurred, it allows for there to be a sense of peace and contentment in the middle ground of normalcy. Containing sampling from the famous nursery rhyme “Clementine '' Stalking Gia’s newest song carries with it a strong sense of nostalgia.

Beginning with a sampling of “Clementine '' there is a dreamy and nostalgic theme to start the song. This quickly changes tones however with the beat picking up to mimic a pop rock sound in the background music. This helps to push the song along to the chorus where the sampling continues but with rewritten lyrics to continue on these with the lyrical themes of the song. The juxtaposition of these two songs creates a feeling of contrast of the various emotions within the song. The most outstanding aspect of this song however would be the lyrics that reflect the feelings of not feeling how one did as again. In the chorus the lyrics particularly stand out “always smiling on the outside, saddest happy girl alive”. The lyrics present perfectly sum up the emotions that were sung about in the previous parts of the song.

Stalking Gia is a New York City based artist that first came to fame as a result of their 2016 single “Second Nature”. Generating 13.2 million dreams, and eventually being sampled in blackbears “Wish You the Best”. This singer songwriter has made quite an impact with over 20 million cumulative streams as well as praise from Billboard, Noisey, Marie Claire, as well as Nylon. After releasing multiple songs as well as touring alongside blackbear Stalking Gia is now continuing on with her music journey and is back to releasing her own music.

Written By Gillian Mena



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