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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Saturday Night" - Alessiah

Dancepop's connection to, well, dance makes it particularly suited to express the propulsive feelings and experiences in life. The heart-pounding thrill of new love reflects perfectly onto throbbing bass and clashing rhythm. On her latest single, Romanian singer/songwriter Alessiah shows deft command over the dancefloor. "Saturday Night" is buzzing electro-pop with a party-ready melody. Alessiah's vocal performance, however, is softer than one might anticipate. The combination feels more spacious, allowing the pulsing and airy synths to breathe in the mix. It's catchy and lively enough to animate a packed club, but I imagine it just as fitting on a city block at 2AM.

The story Alessiah tells throughout "Saturday Night" is a familiar one in the club-pop canon: new burgeoning love and the kinetic experience of falling into it. "Let me have some fun," she asks as though brushing off an inner voice of hesitation. The hints of secrecy play into the darker atmosphere, though remaining playful as ever ("If my papa finds out about me and you, it won't be good"). Though, it seems that he did find out, as in the chorus she asks "remember when you were young?" Much of Alessiah's lyrics feel like texts she might send to the friend who will tell her to go for it. "What should I do?" She asks, though the hint of a smirk in her voice suggests that she's already decided.

Born and raised in Romania, Alessiah has quickly become an internationally acclaimed pop artist. As a young teenager, she has become an inventive and powerful voice for generational experiences and passions. The prolific rate at which she has released singles over the past several years has catalogued her development and growth as an artist with many years ahead in her career. "Saturday Night" is Alessiah's third single of the year, releasing alongside a fun music video that matches its vibe perfectly. The rising star's music has found a home on the label MediaPro—part of the industry titan Universal Music Group.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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