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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Save Me" - Lindsey

Depression is known as the silent killer and is unfortunately something a large amount of people struggle with. Once you're in the darkness, it's very difficult to get out of. You're the one who has to decide when enough is enough and gain the strength to pull yourself towards the light again. "Save Me" by Lindsey is the empowering song that everyone needs to hear when they're tired of battling their thoughts and feelings. This song is to give you the confidence you need to rise from the ashes and let go of your past. Life is for living and the only way to live is to say goodbye to the demons and ghosts that have been holding you back from finding true happiness.

"Save Me" is incredibly cinematic and strong in it's soundscape; the first time I heard it I thought it would be perfect for a action/drama movie trailer. The instrumentation gives off a brave energy, featuring a heavy electric guitar and a hard beat, giving the song it's modern rock influence. Lindsey's punchy pop vocals fit right into the rhythm and you immediately feel uplifted and empowered. This song will have you telling yourself "I can do anything". Lindsey's honest and genuine lyricism is message that most of us need to hear. In the music video, Lindsey creates a cinematic experience that perfectly aligns with the vibes of "Save Me", literally setting her demons on fire and watching them burn as she walks towards her newly found hope.

Lindsey is an alternative singer/songwriter currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. "Save Me" is her debut single and the first of a five song series, titled "Out of the Ashes", which the rest of the four songs are still to come. This collection of songs comes from a place of vulnerability when Lindsey was in a tough battle with depression, which she has struggled with for most of her life. Each individual song is cinematic like "Save Me", but has it's own unique and captivating vibe. These songs stretch across all kinds of emotional soundscapes such as metal, orchestral, piano ballad, and ethereal pop.

Compared to the likes of Evanescence, Imagine Dragons and Paramore, Lindsey is not an artist to sleep on. Follow her below to keep up with her new releases!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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