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  • Rosalyn Sanchez

Review: "Secrets" - Wendy Wang

Wendy Wang Secrets Cover Art

Broken trust and hidden secrets. The vehement emotions they provoke are incoherent. It’s enough to untether the kind of anger that had been quietly sequestered, tainting our hearts with misconception– muddled with disbelief as we learn the unfortunate and pernicious news that what we once thought was true love was all but a lie. Every single emotion we felt becomes questioned, and we wonder if the relationship that was once burgeoning with adoration and passion was even real, to begin with. We are exposed to acrimonious emotions like rage, disappointment, and despondency upon learning the sick truth we were kept hidden from. We are left utterly betrayed by these abhorrent secrets. “Secrets” by Wendy Wang is a song that describes a similar scenario through indicative lyrics, and an addicting sound that leaves listeners singing along in heartache. This song tells a story of exposed lies told by a former significant other and the despondent emotions we are left with once the facade has ebbed. Wendy Wang manages to portray the raw and harrowing realities of a breakup, utilizing her musical talents as a growing artist.

With a sound so expressive, lyrics that carry immense weight it’s easy to slip into a trance, getting lost in the strings of the rhythmic electric guitar, the bass that rattles our hearts. While the sound may deliver a rather upbeat setting, the lyrics percolate deeper emotions. The song that is Wendy’s mellifluous voice– it’s what adds the fine touches to such a painful and bitter story with such raw emotions that naturally flow out of the artist’s touching voice, stirring wistful emotions in the listeners. This song captures the unpretentious emotions of a real heartbreak, a sensitive moment in our lives that many people encounter. Wendy was able to capture those emotions so accurately, putting all those hurtful sentiments into a song, expressing the true heartbreak of a noxious love. As I listened to the song, I found myself resonating with such expressive lyrics, tangled in the ravishing sound, unable to deny that I felt my heart resonate with Wendy’s emotive voice.

Wendy Wang is a singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles California, largely resonating with sounds like alternative pop, indie rock, soft rock, and pop. Many of her songs include lyrics that tell a deep story, sharing her deepest sentiments with her listeners through the form of a song. Wendy Wang has consistently released songs on all music platforms since the year 2022, and upon the recent release of her single “Secrets”, Wendy performed her first-ever headline show in an intimate cafe! Playing her new song for her listeners. Wendy even released her EP “Sea of Strangers” in March of 2024, including five tracks with profound sounds! Wendy continues to grow as an artist as the years progress, and I can’t wait to hear more of her captivating sound! To keep up with Wendy’s life as an artist and any exciting new updates, follow her socials! 

Written By Rosalyn Sanchez


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