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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "See Through" - Connor Mac

The lightest touches can pack the heaviest punches. Nowhere is this more applicable than to the latest single of New Zealand singer-songwriter, Connor Mac. His latest single "See Through" seeks new heights with his most la. The sound is rooted in the torchy, folk of prior singles—such as Hippie; but on "See Through," instruments are layered to cascade over Mac's smooth voice in a way that feels new. The lushly produced ballad finds its greatest strength in wide open spaces. Every instrument, from the gorgeous strings to the gentle acoustic guitar, feels aired out to maximum effect. At times, Mac's voice becomes the solid ground to cling to as the restless instrumentation whirls around. "See Through" is like a snow globe, whirling with urgency, but anchored in devotion.

Mac's previous singles reckoned with relationships that seemed to bury themselves alive. He fixated on exploring people's capacity to damage one another. "See Through" brings a similar sense of crisis, but instead asserts that - just as they have the power to cause pain - people also have the power to help each other heal. "I know that sometimes, deep in your mind, / you are six inches tall." Mac acknowledges in the chorus, his voice bursts with desperation. The woman he's addressing is recognized for her feelings, context, and validity. "I hope you'll remember," Mac sings, dipping into his husky, lower register.Just as she hasn't forgotten how she's been ignored, his most urgent plea is to remember how she is loved.

Connor Mac is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter based in Switzerland. Though originally from New Zealand, he lives in Switzerland and tours Europe. "See Through" is Mac's third single of 2022. He has confirmed that these tracks are leading up to an EP. Describing his sound as "smooth pop with soulful overtones," Mac embraces a wide ranging sound that feels sensitively rooted.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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