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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Selfish Reason" - NYA

Multi-talented singer-songwriter NYA is here with her brand new single “Selfish Reason”! It's a story of love and grief, but also gratitude for the people that make your life worth living. In a YouTube video talking about the song, NYA says she dedicated this song to her sister, who has been asking NYA to write a song for her for years. We don’t know who she is singing this to, but it’s clear she has a deep, emotional connection to them. She’s giving them her selfish reasons to keep them from leaving her, and she reassures them that even though their heart might be barely beating, there’s still something to hold on to. In the chorus, she tells this person that she’s never had a connection like this before, and they’re the only person who knows about “all the stories, all the scars, [and] all the bad nights.” They’ve stood by NYA through thick and thin, and they’re her soulmate. She’s begging them to wake up out of this state that’s out of focus, and lying on a cold floor together can't be their last moment. After repeating the chorus again, she brings back the lyrics from the first verse. She recognizes that her reasons for staying may be selfish, but she needs this person nonetheless. 

The production on “Selfish Reason” is beautifully and meticulously crafted, and the attention to detail that is heard showcases the deep connection NYA has with this song. She has cited this song to be one of her most personal pieces she made, and that connection really shines through. This song has a bit of ballad feel, with a string orchestra infused throughout the song. As a string player myself, I pay extra close attention to the strings in a pop song. Often, the strings can sound too electronic and the tone quality is sacrificed, but this is not the case in “Selfish Reason.” The balance of each instrument in the orchestra is great, and the strings as a whole are balanced well with the rest of the instruments. The build of the song is so satisfying, as the climax point is in the interlude with the beautifully luscious guitar solo. It may seem weird that a guitar solo is included in a sad pop track if you haven’t heard it, but in my opinion, it’s the cherry on top of this already great track. NYA is effortlessly flexing her musicality, her confident voice, and her excellent songwriting skills, and listening to “Selfish Reason” is always a wonderful experience. 

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter NYA has been one of the great additions to pop in the 21st century. Growing up in Tampa, Florida, she was accustomed to many genres of music in the vibrant city. Her music is a melting pot of different genres, featuring jazz, pop, alternative, R&B, and soul to create a sound that is unique to her. NYA has been consistently releasing music since 2017 with her debut single being “Let Go.” Since then, her 2021 single “HIGH” reached number 21 on the Mediabase National Adult Contemporary chart and number 26 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. Not even a month later, her music video for her song “Won’t Pick Up The Phone” currently has over 7 million views on YouTube. NYA kept reaching new heights in 2022, when her single “Mother’s Daughter” reached number 22 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart. In the same year, her song “The Real You” peaked at number 20 on the Mediabase National Adult Contemporary. Be prepared for a full length release from hear in the future, where she will certainly continue to impress us with her beautiful voice and her raw, authentic songwriting.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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