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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "She's Going Places (Remastered)" - Natalie Gish

Natalie Gish is aiming for the stars in her new single, "She's Going Places." The track is filled with ambitious lyrics, outlining Gish's goals for launching her career in the music industry. Gish explains, “'She’s Going Places' was inspired by a poster on my wall with a map of the world. This song tells my story of leaving my hometown to live out my big dreams. While leaving my family and friends was hard, I knew it was important for me to step out of my comfort zone with confidence. It is a reminder to those with stars in their eyes to not hold back and accomplish their goals." The fiery new single is the first release from Gish's upcoming EP, giving us a fabulous look into what's to come.

"She's Going Places" starts off with a funky synth line, setting the groovy vibe of the song. Natalie Gish enters the track with her lush, clean vocals, flawlessly delivering lines of ambition and dreams. The track seamlessly fuses characteristics of pop, electropop, dance pop, and funk together to create a truly dynamic vibe. "She's Going Places" is propelled forward by driving beats and features a mid-tempo feel that's perfect to dance along to. Giving listeners a track to play on repeat, Gish tastefully pairs the lyrics with memorable melodies and catchy hooks. The sound created in "She's Going Places" is a nuanced one, being on par with acts like Becky G, Meghan Trainor, and Ariana Grande.

Hailing from Kansas, Natalie Gish is a now Nashville-based artist with a longtime passion for the performing arts. She released her debut EP in 2021, garnering the support of Pop Wrapped, CelebMix, Music-News, and Skope Mag. Prior to the release, Gish had been given the opportunity to develop her singing and songwriting talents through the 2019 Launch Showcase in Chicago. She later co-wrote songs for her EP with her team in New York and Nashville. Looking to advance her career in the music industry, Gish now attends Middle Tennessee State University as a Commercial Songwriting major. She cites Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, and Billie Eilish as her main influences. Some of Gish's most popular releases include "The End of Something Good," "Say Goodbye," and "Where I Was Before."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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