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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "She's Got You" - Jennie Harluk

Artists often use songwriting as a form of escapism. Many times, songwriters will put themselves in the shoes of another person, whether fictional or real. In Jennie Harluk’s latest single, “She’s Got You”, she reimagines a different version of herself. She often wears her heart on her sleeve, leaving her emotions out in the open. However, in “She’s Got You”, she lives vicariously through a version of herself who acts extremely cavalier about heartache. Rather than showing her hurt, she fights back with “nonchalant comments” about her ex-boyfriend. In the first verse, Harluk drops the bombshell when she sings, “She seems nice// We look alike// And I know that’s just your type”. Her ex-boyfriend replaced her with a new girl that could be her carbon copy. She then spends the rest of the song dropping more snide remarks. However, her hurt slips out when she sings, “And I’m haunted by the thought of you// Cause it’s all I got when she’s got you.” Through all the sass and indifference, Harluk still allows heart wrenching words to creep through. This song is eloquently crafted with lyrics of hurt, betrayal, and resentment.

“She’s Got You” is a catchy pop-song that highlights Harluk’s strong vocals and emotional lyrics. The verses are steady and calm, slowly leading up to the faster tempo in the chorus. Although the bridge continues the steady and calm structure of the verses, it hits the emotional peak of the song when she sings, “I’m still yours, but you’re not mine.” These lyrics are a punch to the gut because despite all the sarcasm, Harluk is clearly hurt. The music takes a back seat at the end of the bridge, honing in on the lyrics as the chorus returns. Right before the beat drops, Harluk’s voice beautifully harmonizes showing off her insane vocal range. “She’s Got You” showcases her powerhouse vocals that listeners fall in love with her for.

Jennie Harluk is a singer-songwriter from Calgary, Canada. From a young age, music has been her passion, and this passion has followed her into her full-time career as an artist. She is involved in every step of the creative processing. She writes, composes, and produces her own music. Her songwriting process is very unique to other artists. She utilizes her synesthesia, a condition that affects the senses. In Harluk, her synesthesia associates people with a specific color. With songwriting, this causes each song to be associated with a color scheme that creates a unique imagery. Her songwriting is a key component to what makes Harluk very unique in the music industry. With her talent, she has already been featured on several Spotify playlists and has performed at big events, such as Calgary Stampede and Country Thunder. Harluk creates music that comes from the heart that will stick with listeners.

Written By Karlee Smith



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