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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Shot In The Dark" - Abbey Lane

This song, “Shot In The Dark” by Abbey Lane, is an energetic pop song all about a relationship that seems like it’s hopeless. A relationship that maybe you’ve dreamed about for a long time, with a person who’s been on your mind, but not something that ever seems like it could really go somewhere. But this song dives further into that feeling, with the singer contemplating what could happen if you did have that “shot in the dark”. As Abbey Lane sings, “give me just a minute alone with you, I’m feeling that I could make you want to stay.” Just maybe, maybe, this relationship that seems so out of reach could be in your grasp for just a moment. And what would you do if you were given that chance?

“Shot In The Dark” is an upbeat and rousing pop song, keeping the energy high and the rhythm strong throughout the entire three and a half minutes. The song starts with four beats that lead right into the rhythmic introduction, drawing you in and making your head bounce as Lane’s vocals start in the first verse. The melody picks up then, layered with the vocals and the underlying instrumentals, making a fully fleshed out track that stays rich throughout the chorus as well. The pace stays consistent through the chorus and into the second verse, the drums and the guitar riffs creating the intensely catchy tune that sticks in your head even after the song ends. Overall, this song is such a fun listen, one I could envision for both an indie movie soundtrack and for a party playlist at the same time! Abbey Lane meshes together every single element that makes a song perfect to listen to over and over, and I already know this song is an instant repeat for me.

Abbey Lane is an indie pop singer-songwriter, based in Sydney, Australia. Having started making music over a decade ago, Abbey Lane has garnered an impressive number of fans and is establishing herself as a growing force in the industry. Other Australian artists have influenced her own sound, such as Maddy Jane, Eves Karydas, and Middle Kids, but her own unique talent and creativity has led her to win awards such as multiple titles in SongComp Australia, as well as helping her gain recognition and give her the access to work with award winning producers, like Dave Petrovic who helped create her newest song, “Shot In The Dark”. Use the links below to follow Abbey Lane as she further embarks on her musical journey!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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