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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Sick of Self Love" - She Is Jules

“Sick of Self Love” isn’t a motivational song, it's not another hyper pop piece about how beautiful the anonymous listener is.  It is so much better.  It offers relatability and honesty where it isn't always welcome.  The idea that the seemingly feminist or positive ideals of today's culture could be tiring is taboo, but understood by most.  The comparison and the competition in a visual world is exhausting, and the exhaustion over it taints the image wanting to be achieved, so it’s nearly never addressed.  But She Is Jules says what we're all thinking in an expressive and upbeat way that opens the conversation.  “Sick of Self Love” doesn’t bring down the narrative of positivity, or encourage insecurity, but rather encourages individuality and acceptance when these negative pieces of life inevitably appear.

The song itself sounds as modern as its lyrics with electric instrumentals maintaining its upbeat course throughout, the subtle but skillful audio beginning at the start of the piece with an underlying base note.  She Is Jules sings in a rhythmic, repetitive, way with this- subconsciously creating the feeling in the listener that she feels each day: tired.  When she opens up about her exhaustion with the mental beauty standards, and more so, decides to break free from them, the piece is instantly lifted and the chorus begins.  She sings, this portion of the song in particular, with a talent that has so clearly been perfected, higher in range and reminiscent of other current pop stars such as Olivia Rodrigo.  Every detail of “Sick of Self Love” made its themes shout even louder and formed it into the ideal piece to sing along to on repeat.   

Julianna Pollifrone, otherwise known as She Is Jules, began creating music extremely early in life.  She grew up in the Bay Area where, at only eight years old, she started playing guitar and exploring her creativity in music.  In 2017 she released the first of many singles, “Eyes Shut”, and almost immediately made a name for herself.  She stood out as a pop artist to keep an eye on and had the sound of one everyone was already watching.  Her audience is beginning to match her work with her Spotify now holding over 120 million streams and her social media accounts having thousands of followers each.  Between collaborations with other artists and the outstanding work she’s done for film and TV, Pollifrone has been busy.  “Sick of Self Love” is incredible and almost certainly not all she has in store, follow her below and stream it today to stay up to date.

Written By Hailey Schap



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