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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Silence Me (To Death)" - Daimy Lotus

Silence is deafening. There is nothing worse or more annoying than receiving the silent treatment from someone who is supposed to care about you. When you spend a lot of time with someone, it's inevitable that you'll have an argument or some kind of conflict at some point in your relationship. The best thing you could possibly do is sit down and talk about it; communication is key to a healthy and honest bond. The wrong thing to do, would be to just ignore them, or gaslighting their feelings and pretend like nothing happened. "Silence Me (To Death)" by Daimy Lotus is about what we'd all like to say to those toxic people who have shut down our feelings and shut us out completely.

Written about an old college friendship, Daimy has had enough with the lack of communication in her relationships. While talking about the release, Daimy explains that being given the silent treatment is one of her biggest pet peeves. She finds it important to feel seen and heard, as we all should. She wrote this song as an outlet for her anger, and now we have the honor of hearing this insanely incredible pop rock anthem. Not only are the lyrics super relatable, but the soundscape is highly addicting. Daimy has such a strong and emotional voice, and paired with the edgy punk influence instrumentation, "Silence Me (To Death)" is the ultimate banger of the year.

Daimy Lotus is a pop and alternative Dutch singer/songwriter. Reigning from the Netherlands, Daimy uses rock and punk to amp up her otherwise modern pop sound and uses themes like heartbreak and mental health to write relatable and emotional masterpieces. Daimy is a natural born performer and has been singing since early childhood. She began writing songs and released her first EP, "15", at the young age of 18. Since 2017, she began collaborating and writing songs for other artists as well. She's played on some of the biggest stages and sold out shows in the Netherlands and has played at festivals in over 20 different cities. Daimy has released two other singles this year, "Enemy" and "Stairway To Hell". If you loved "Silence Me (To Death)", make sure to give those a listen as well!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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