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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Sleeping With Anxiety" - Maddy Hicks

Nothing is worse than not being able to sleep; especially when it's because of something painful on your mind. You're tossing and turning all night because you can't shake the things that keep running around inside of your head. Somehow, time seems to be moving slower than ever in times like these; so not only are you losing sleep, but you're forced to be alone with your thoughts for what feels like eternity. "Sleeping with Anxiety" by Maddy Hicks is a relatable breakup song about the anxious feelings we deal with when thinking about the person you still love but lost being with someone else.

"Sleeping With Anxiety" is a raw, emotional and lyric focused pop song that keeps you on your toes. The melody and rhythm literally feel like anxious thoughts racing through your mind. You can feel the sadness in not only the words, but within Maddy's incredible voice. The instrumentation is minimalistic to let the lyrics shine, but it's still such an ear-pleasing mixture of sounds and it fits perfectly with the mood of the song. Like most great breakup songs, "Sleeping With Anxiety" has a bridge that will rip your heart to shreds. Especially the lines, "I hate that I want to call, I hate that I care at all / 3am never ends, yeah here we go again".

Maddy Hicks is a singer/songwriter originally from New York, who is now based in Nashville, Tennessee since attending Belmont University in 2018. Focusing on her music career for over a decade now, Maddy released her debut album, "The Bliss You Missed" in 2019 which was more of an acoustic folk style. Since then, Maddy has been shifting more and more into modern pop, releasing her second album "Reclaiming" in 2021 and her third, "Situationships" which just released last year. Maddy's career got a boost in 2022 when her song "Kinda Over It" went viral on TikTok and has now amassed millions of streams. Maddy is still releasing new music, and her new single "Don't Look At Me" comes out April 24th! Make sure to follow Maddy below to keep up to date.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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