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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "So Sweet" - The Harbours

The Harbours So Sweet Cover Art

You can never get enough when it comes to feel-good indie rock music, and The Harbours delivers to this need with their brand new energetic single, “So Sweet”. The song is bright and rich with loving devotion. The sound of “So Sweet” is one you can never tire of as it just makes listeners feel so warm. It’s a style and structure that’s classic and it’s what makes it so easy to listen to. It’s not an exaggeration to call “So Sweet” infectious because that’s exactly what it is, incredibly catchy. What really sells this track is, at the end of the day, you can tell this song was created with pure enjoyment and this joy so easily bleeds into the minds of listeners.

The opening guitar riff is just so good and really brings you up to your feet in excitement. With the lyrics, there is a clear idea of a risk being taken with this relationship as the other person makes it hard for the speaker to think straight because she’s so easy to fall in love with. This is a universal portrayal of young relationships and how overpowering they can be. While the speaker feels as if they may be walking blindly throughout these events, they stay absolutely positive when talking about this person they care for, repeatedly calling her “so sweet”. It completely erases the fear of the risk and turns this relationship into something an outsider would envy. The chorus absolutely rocks and multiplies the energy listeners first feel with the opening guitar riff. Speaking of guitars, the guitar solo feels timeless and in its own way perfectly captures the emotions behind this song’s story. The Harbours have done so well with their creation of “So Sweet” and it’ll be interesting what comes next for them.

The Harbours is a duo from Leicestershire that consists of Ollie Drakard and Will Massarella-Tyler. The two met at university in 2020 and throughout their university years began playing shows together. In 2024, The Harbours became an official group. On April 19th, the duo released their debut single “Out of Sight” which did well and gained over 30k streams on Spotify.  They were featured on “BBC Introducing” and have been featured throughout the East Midlands radio stations. The Harbours have cultivated a large and loyal online fanbase, and it’s clear this loyal fanbase will only continue to grow. The Harbours are an exciting duo to be introduced to so be sure to keep an eye out to see what they will make next.

Written By Chantal Charles


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