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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Sober Dead Drunk or Alive" - Rora Wilde

Have you ever had the biggest crush on someone who just couldn't decide whether they liked you back or not? They lead you on, keep you around, making you feel like there's hope to be with them in the future, but you always stay stuck in that "what are we?" zone, and every time you ask there's always a new excuse for why they can't be with you. They tell you, "it's complicated". You give them everything you've got but the relationship never goes any further than what it always has been. They know you're wrapped around their finger and they take full advantage of that. 'Sober Dead Drunk or Alive' by Rora Wilde is about standing up to the love interest who wasted your time for their own selfish reasons.

Rora Wilde puts a Pop twist onto a Contemporary RnB and Soulful track. The soundscape of 'Sober Dead Drunk or Alive' has a dreamy old-fashioned vibe to it. Rora uses her rich and powerful vocals to tell us a story. "You can't keep a good thing if you tried". Glorious back up harmonies take Rora's back as she lets this person know they messed up. Rora knows her worth and won't let this burnt-out flame keep her down.

Rora Wilde is a Pop/RnB singer-songwriter currently based in Los Angeles, California. Rora has been a music lover from a very young age and has been singing since she was 6 years old. She began songwriting and performing at the early age of 13, as well as playing the Cello in school. Rora held a Residency in 2019 at the Historic Scoot Inn. She continues to play live shows all around LA.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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