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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Somebody Like Me" - Sophie Shaw

This song, “Somebody Like Me” by Sophie Shaw, is all about two people who aren’t in a relationship but still feel the pull and wonder what if. With lines like “when you’re lying next to her, do you wish it was me” and “why are you running away when you could run to me,” Shaw weaves the tale in this song of someone trying to move on while the other person questions why they’re trying so hard to ignore what exists between them. This is a very relatable situation, and that frustration is a familiar feeling, when you’re trying to fight for what you know will make both of you happy, but all you can do is wait for the other person to decide. Even if you’re “running all the red lights” to get to them, and “going insane,” you can’t abandon them either because what you feel is too strong.

“Somebody Like Me” by Sophie Shaw is an upbeat pop song that utilizes a catchy melody and bright vocals to draw you in and keep you engaged. Starting out with a simple strum of instrumentals and a reverberating effect on Shaw’s voice, you’re brought into the first verse slowly, before the beat hits and Shaw’s high, enthralling vocals begin to tell you the story. The energy hits the hardest in the choruses of this song, turning it into a song you could see yourself screaming to in the car at night with your friends. Especially when you reach the bridge and the instrumentals fade more into the background, foregrounding the more intense vocals before settling into one last rendition of the chorus. Overall, this song is a perfect addition to everyone’s playlist, I already have it on mine!

Sophie Shaw is a newly emerging pop singer-songwriter from Denver, Colorado. With a commitment to promoting women supporting women and encouraging confidence and positive change, Shaw uses catchy melodies and empowering lyrics to share her story and inspire confidence in her listeners. Her unique sound is very upbeat and infectious, sticking in your head long after the song is over! She released her first song, “Next Time,” on April 30, 2023, and this song, “Somebody Like Me,” marks her official second release. At such a new point in her career, she’s already gathered an impressive number of fans, and I look forward to seeing where she goes from here! If you are too, you can use the links below to follow her and listen to her music!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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