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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Somebody New" - Polar x LLUISA

Polar and LLUISA’s latest single, “Somebody New,” is an earnest duet about love and fear, being unable to open up to the person who means the most to you. Soft and catchy, “Somebody New” emphasizes the push and pull that comes with not ever learning how to communicate with your partner, its effect only heightened by the fact that the song is a duet, going back-and-forth from each partner’s perspective. “Somebody New'' is complex in its lyricism and craft; with gentle vocals and a melodic beat, you’d never expect that this song is about heartbreak of the most common kind.

“Somebody New” is duet storytelling at its finest; between Polar and LLUISA, the song’s vocals are beautiful and smooth, meshing together in such a flowy and mellow way. It’s a chill song in spite of its lyrics. The instrumentals are composed of soft percussion and synth, rhythmic and constant– the beat is steady and stable, always remaining, never faltering, similar to the writing in “Somebody New.” Polar and LLUISA tell the story of a couple who are suffering from a communication breakdown; they’re struggling to understand one another, which only results in heartbreak, though they stay in the relationship. On one end, one partner seemingly remains with their significant other “until [they] find somebody new” because they “never learned to stay,” filled with the fear of opening up and being truly known by another person. The other partner is quickly losing patience with this back-and-forth and the only apparent answer that appears is to simply stay together until one of them moves on to somebody new. It’s a somber song, though no less relaxing in its beat.

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Polar is an artist whose life revolves around music. He spent his youth singing and playing guitar in a metal band, but eventually moved on to writing and producing music as a full-time producer for three years. Gradually transitioning to creating music for himself as an artist, he now writes and sings his own stories. With 240,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and his most popular single, “No Strings Attached,” which released in 2022 with over 600,000 plays also on Spotify, Polar is heading upwards with no intention of stopping. Likewise, LLUISA is an indie-pop sensation whose music embodies all the best things about pop. Her life has always been surrounded by music, her mother being a jazz singer guided her directly into a path full of melodies. When LLUISA began her musical journey in earnest, she gained over 6 million streams within three years on Spotify through her vocal talents for EDM projects all around the globe, performing under the name Lena Luisa. 2023 marked the beginning of her new music journey as LLUISA, whose vocal talents are rich and smoky and are sure to ignite the world of pop. "Somebody New" is both Polar and LLUISA's latest single, and it deserves every replay and encore.

Written By Alexa Leung




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