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  • Jaylice Mitchell

Review: "Somebody's Body" - LYZA

Have you ever lost a love that you felt could never be replaced? There's an empty spot in your heart that only they can fit into, and no matter how hard you search for something better, nothing compares to how you felt when you were with them. "Somebody's Body" by LYZA highlights this longing feeling that many face when they lose a lover so special that it takes more than just a new fling to fix the pain you feel. This gorgeous pop piano ballad is bound to pull at your heart-strings, especially if you've ever experienced the same type of thing in your romantic life. Let LYZA's rich and beautiful vocals take you on a lovelorn journey with "Somebody's Body".

The song begins with LYZA's soft, subtle, yet powerful vocals, creating a sense of mourning for a lost love. She clings onto old clothes, hoping her lover will come back to retrieve them, but she knows better. She understands they're not coming back, intensifying the deep regret she feels. For her, the love is still alive, but her lover has moved on, and she acknowledges that. The pre-chorus reflects her loss of faith in love, having lost the one she believed was meant for her. She pleads for something to work out in her love life, just once. The chorus echoes the regrets of the way her relationship ended, expressing a desire to rewrite history and change the course of time. She continues searching for her lost lover in others, realizing it will never be the same. The second verse reveals how her lost lover haunts her thoughts, appearing in her dreams like a ghostly apparition of something she can never experience again. The bridge intensifies the emotional weight, portraying her feeling lost without them, unable to be replaced.

LYZA, a 21-year-old multilingual artist and songwriter from Berlin, gained international recognition through mesmerizing TikTok vocal showcases which has gained her over one million followers. LYZA is masterful lyricist and has had the honor of collaborating with acclaimed writers and producers like Sinead Harnett, Billen Ted, Mark Crew, Dan Priddy, and Tom Mann. "Somebody's Body" is her official debut single as a solo artist! Despite it being about losing love, it has a soft, sad, and romantic quality, making it a beautiful listen. LYZA's talent and vocal ability promise exciting future creations. Connect with LYZA through the social links below to stay updated on her journey.

Written By Jaylice Mitchell

Revised by Kaitlyn Nicole



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