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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Someone Better" - Alexa Cappelli

Alexa Cappelli wears her heart out on her sleeve in her latest single, “Someone Better”. The vulnerable track follows the narrative of letting yourself move on from someone that you know you have outgrown, despite still caring deeply for that person. She describes to the listener that this person is not toxic, but someone who loved and cherished her, and only ever treated her right. With this in mind, it makes the decision of letting them go even harder because they were all she ever thought she wanted. She illustrates this idea with the pre-chorus lyrics: “I wish this was easy// Don’t wanna believe it// And I wish I could be mad,” and the chorus lyrics: “But it’s not like you yelled at me// Or said something terribly wrong,” and “There’s just no remedy// Watching our spark turn to smoke// We’ve got nothing to show.” With these lines, she shows that their chemistry fizzled out and it is nobody’s fault. Their relationship had an expiration date, they just did not know it until it was too late. The end of the chorus reveals the hook: “I could never dream of someone better than you// Just someone better for me.” She wants her former partner to know that it is nothing they did, and that she will never find another person as amazing as them. However, she knows that there is someone out there better for her, and that her former lover has someone out there better suited for them, as well. Cappelli professing this profound notion showcases not only her poetic songwriting skills, but also her impressive emotional maturity. “Someone Better” is a beautifully written track derived from Cappelli’s own experiences, and it now serves as a great comfort for audiences that resonate with her insightful message.

“Someone Better” is a heart-wrenching ballad that tugs on the heartstrings of listeners from the very first note. The track begins with a soothing piano and airy synth notes that evokes feelings of sorrow within the audience. When the vocals start, an electric guitar is added to the background with a simple riff that complements the piano chords. In the pre-chorus, the piano eases into the background as an acoustic guitar takes its place in the foreground. Once the chorus hits, the bass kicks in and the piano fades away, almost going completely unnoticeable. The emotion behind Cappelli’s voice is especially apparent in the chorus, as the production provides an intense atmosphere for her to match. The production in both the second verse and chorus mirrors their original counterparts, which only enhances the emotional climax at the end of the second pre-chorus. At first, it continues to match the first one, but then the production switches to slow, staggered piano chords, drawing focus on the lyrics. Then, the final chorus is introduced with the original production and additional harmonizing vocals that provide an angelic effect to the song. The outro is only the guitar and piano chords, ending the song elegantly in the way it began, tying together the entire track beautifully. Cappelli effortlessly guides the listener through “Someone Better” with her compelling vocals, making the listener naturally resonate with her broken heart.

Alexa Cappelli is a singer-songwriter from Southern California. After competing in Season 14 of The Voice as a member of Coach Kelly Clarkson’s team, she chose to commit to her music career full time. In 2019, she released her debut EP, The Colors That Make You. She released several singles that garnered massive attention on TikTok. In 2022, she released her sophomore EP, Confused @ 22. Since this project, she has signed to Arista Records and has been releasing singles from her upcoming debut album. The lead single, “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone”, has over 17 million streams on Spotify alone. She has been featured more than once on the music platform’s New Music Friday playlist and has earned recognition from industry professionals such as MTV, Just Jared, and 1883 Magazine. Cappelli continues to make a great name for herself within the industry and shows no signs of slowing down.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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