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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Someone Like You" - Ginger Lo

“Someone Like You” is an expression of the most intimate emotions a person experiences, the chemistry that convinces someone the other is “the one”. It considers the relationship mostly in how it relates to ones of the past, “someone like you” singling out this person from the rest. Focusing on this difference allows the listener and the singer to reflect on those who weren’t like them, those who came before this positive change cited so much in the lyrics, and in turn allows for a greater appreciation of them. An electric-pop tone reflects the electricity which Ginger Lo attempts to describe and recreate, essentially capturing the spark between two people which is usually so special due to its indescribability.

The song begins with a voice singing “Who’s gonna be the first to fall?” a question asking which of the two in the relationship may develop feelings first, but also implying this greater theme of “which one”. Another voice joins soon after, the way in which they sing together is classical, almost reminiscent of songs from the 50s or 60s but with a modern twist in production. As Ginger Lo sings through the steps of falling in love, describing her heart rate and the romantic tension between the two, the music matches the pace of a nervous heart. When she becomes the first to fall and admits her admiration of this person, this tense beat ceases and the chorus begins with more upbeat music and smoother vocals. She goes on to describe her thoughts and emotions relating to them in more detail until she again finds relief in stating how special this person is to her. “Someone like you” she repeats, and the song comes to a close.

Ginger Lo is a Stockholm-based duo featuring the two pop artists Theresia and Lovisa. The group began only four years ago in 2019 when the artists were working separately at an event in Spain, compatibility between their voices sparked a friendship and from there, Ginger Lo came to be. The two released their first single last year, “You Can’t Hurry Love” a cover of the classic 60s song but with an electric change, a theme seen in their second and newest single, “Someone Like You” as well. Despite being a fairly new pairing, Ginger Lo has already gained nearly 100,000 streams on their first release and “Someone Like You” is increasing its popularity day by day. Stream it and follow them below to stay up to date.

Written By Hailey Schap



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